Shine Bright in Your Interview

October 6th, 2015 | Interviewing | No Comments »

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Shine bright like a diamond. A little humor to start off this post. But, really, you should shine bright in your interview. You want to be the shiniest diamond in the pile of diamonds to choose from…stand out in that pile of potential employees. First, you need to narrate your story. Explain in an articulate manner why you rock as an employee and a person in general. You are hardworking but explain how and use examples of major projects you have completed and how you done this etc. What has made you a better employee and past jobs and what expertise are you bringing to a new company. How will you bring your best self to this organization and make it the best it can be; explain to your interviewer your strategies for success.

Here are some other tips on shining like a diamond in your interview:

  • Values matter!

Show that you have leadership/communication skills. Show your people skills. You have good character and know how to make decisions that will help all parties involved…so show your interviewer this side of yourself! Show that you care about the people you work with and you care about the organization as a whole.

  •  Don’t just repeat all the info from your resume…that is SO boring!

Highlight strengths in depth by describing a big project you headed or completed. Show how something on your resume helped you grow to be a better worker with more skills. Discuss a major accomplishment in depth and show your strengths verbally.

  •  Weaknesses?

Think deeply about a weakness you have that you can discuss in your interview. They will ask. Show how you have overcome a weakness or are overcoming a weakness and how this “flaw” helps you be a stronger person and better employee.