What Do Hiring Managers Look For When Hiring?

November 11th, 2015 | Food for Thought, Hiring Resources, Interviewing, Job Search | No Comments »


Business Insider  looked at this topic of hiring managers. What exactly do hiring managers look for in job candidates? In the Business Insider article they specifically looked at what skills and traits employers seem to value the most when looking at new candidates. What are the findings on this? We agree with the article that the traits and skills can depend on the industry, but we also agree with a key finding in the article…that personality matters. Today, more than ever before, personality can make or break your chances of landing the job. According to the expert in the article, Lynn Taylor, “When you reach a job posting, you’ll see many adjectives that will seemingly clue you into the ‘right’ personality to project.” She says that in order to give off this trustworthiness you will need to do certain things in your interview:

  • Listen, pay attention, show that you care
  • Be human, show your human side
  • Be confident
  • Show curiosity and interest
  • Be yourself

The expert says that “The overriding super trait that supersedes all others in countless studies is trustworthiness.”

Being trustworthy is key to getting the job. Hiring managers obviously want you to have skills that the job requires, but they also need to be able to trust you, and the team you get places on will also need to be able to trust you.