Cope With Stress and Don’t Let It Interfere With Work


We all get stressed sometimes. The holidays can be an especially stressful time, trying to manage time and prepare for family visits and vacations. Even if you are not going anywhere, chances are that you have some holiday events and festivities that could creep up and cause you more stress in balancing work and home. So how can you make sure you are coping with stress in the best ways possible? How can you avoid stress in the first place? Let’s look at how to manage stress and prevent it:

  1. Eat Well Рthis mattered when you were a child going to school and it matters now with going to work Рno difference 
  2. Sleep Well- again this mattered when you were a child and it matters now – get some sleep – you need it
  3. Talk To Friends – relate with them about juggling work life and home life
  4. Boundaries – make sure you have proper boundaries for yourself and know your work limits and what you can do in time
  5. Me Time – make personal time for yourself to decompress, to exercise, to enjoy life and try to relax – me time matters
  6. Be Calm – make sure you know how to calm yourself down when you get stressed, learn to chill out and relax
  7. Talk It Out – work with your team and talk to your coworkers about how to deal with any work stress – collaborate
  8. Know Your Limits – this is self-explanatory – you know yourself best, so slow down when you need to

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