Avoid These Productivity Barriers

January 13th, 2016 | Food for Thought, Workplace Resources | No Comments »


We all talk about productivity and we all strive to be more and more productive. It seems like there is less and less time in the day and more and more to accomplish each day. How can we be more productive? Or an even better questions is: what obstacles must we tackle to be more productive? There are certain barriers to productivity that interfere with our mission at work. What are these barriers? How can we can take them on? The first step to taking on these barriers in order to become more productive is to identify some of the major productivity killers that we need to avoid. A recent article named four major productivity killers but the article also suggested some ways to take on these productivity killers, and we couldn’t agree more with the advice from the article. Let’s take a look…shall we? Here are the key barriers to productivity that we found most on point. Focus is vital to success and work and separating distractions and dividing tasks up into specific time slots can help you stay on track and achieve maximum productivity.

  • Email…is a big time productivity killer and this should come as no surprise. Does it ever feel like you are always having to reply to emails? Reading and responding to emails takes time and is a what-feels-like never ending cycle. Try to only check your email when you get a break from the deep work that you are doing. This might seem tough to achieve, but if you are focusing on a project that you need to get done, take small breaks for email but don’t check it every five minutes. Obviously the frequency that you check email depends on your role and your schedule, but try to find a balance and try to only check your email when you are able to focus on replying and reading any urgent messages. It is better to avoid checking your email in the middle of an unsaved document you are working on or during any tasks on the computer that are highly important.
  • Housekeeping items can be super distracting. Try to schedule some specific time to take care of paperwork and housekeeping tasks and do not take on these tasks in the middle of your other work…especially not in the middle of computer work. Housekeeping is important and invoices and paperwork should be done right and accurately, so it is better to designate specific time for housekeeping. Separate papers and administrative type work from number crunching or data entry or specific detail-oriented computer work. Multitasking might seem achievable with computer work at the same time as paperwork, but this is a bad idea. Sticky notes can help! Phone reminders are great too. Plan time and remember to complete housekeeping tasks by making reminders and staying organized with paperwork.