Be Mentally Tough…Practice Good Habits

January 26th, 2016 | Food for Thought, Workplace Resources | No Comments »

Mental toughness…what is it? Does it mean you can handle anything without getting stressed or overwhelmed? Does it mean that you are so mentally strong that nothing at all bothers you? It might not mean all of these things, but the more mentally tough you are, the more you will able to cope with any obstacles you face in your work life and even in your personal life. 

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What do mentally tough people do differently? They practice good habits that lead them to success and to a happier life. 

Let’s take a look at 5 Habits Mentally Tough People Embrace Every Day

  1. Monitor Your Emotions and Understand Your Feelings – don’t be too emotional but also recognize that your emotions and feelings matter and can affect your decision-making on a daily basis 
  2. Practice Self-Compassion and Be Nice to Yourself – don’t criticize yourself too much and don’t be too hard on yourself…be positive to yourself and cheer yourself on when you do something good
  3. Be Optimistic and Realistic at the Same Time – optimism is great, but if you are unrealistically optimistic this will hinder your viewpoint…be optimistic about things you can actually accomplish in the near future and try to combat any negative feelings with some optimistic thoughts about what you can achieve today and this week or this month
  4. Set Boundaries for Yourself – having healthy boundaries set for yourself will help keep you grounded and at peace with yourself…make sure that you, yourself, influence your own mood and your own outlook
  5. Accept Responsibility and Embrace Weakness – We all have to admit our weaknesses sometimes and we definitely need to admit any weaknesses before we can improve upon things that limit our abilities to be the best version we can be at work and in life in general…do not make excuses all the time…be mentally tough and embrace your weaknesses as challenges to make you an even better and more successful person every day