Be Persuasive in a Good Way on the Job

January 8th, 2016 | Articles, Food for Thought | No Comments »

Speaking of jobs…how would you like to channel your inner Steve Jobs? Mr. Jobs was quite persuasive and also quite successful and innovative.

Do you think you could use some help in being more persuasive…or even more confident in general?  Let’s look at some advice from Inc. Magazine on how to “Tap Your Inner Steve Jobs”… with our take on their tips to boost confidence and be persuasive…

  1. Be bold…take a stand…be confident in yourself and your ability 
  2. Understand your audience when speaking and know when to speak fast and when to slow down and take your time
  3. Look for small wins…celebrate your smalls wins and let them help you become more confident; build the foundation
  4. Adapt to your audience and figure out what language and actions they are responding to when you speak
  5. Understand the negatives and discuss them and don’t only discuss the positives; discuss potential negatives out there
  6. Draw positive conclusions…adding a positive swing to an argument or a point you are making can have a lasting impact
  7. Communicate effectively and with the listeners in mind…who are you trying to convince matters, so make the right case