Relieve Stress on Breaks at Work

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We know that life and work can be stressful. The fact that life is stressful is not something new. But there is more focus on how to deal with the stress that we have in life. In today’s world, people are not just settling for being stressed out everyday and at work all the time. There is more and more focus on how to get relief from stress. The big focus lately has been how to get relief from stress while you are at work and without distracting you from your job and tasks. So let’s see what the findings are on how to get relief from stress while at work. The best way to do so is to get stress relief during your breaks at work.

Productivity matters, but if you are only thinking about how stressed you are and how much you have to do, you may not be truly productive. You do not need to feel guilty about taking a few moments while at work to calm down and regroup when you are stressed and thinking about all of your tasks. Taking breaks is actually proven to improve productivity.

Let’s see what the findings are from an article that explores what ways you can get relief from stress during work breaks…

  • Give yourself time…bursts of time…give yourself some time before work to reflect and breathe and get control of your stress…a good time to take a few minutes of silence and close your eyes is in the morning before you begin your first task at the office
  • Plan out your mental breaks…they matter…give your brain a break and plan out a few minutes before or after your lunch break or mid-morning or late-afternoon…take time in between long bursts of work…give yourself a mental break and step away or look away from the computer for a few moments during these mental breaks
  • Move around…walk away from your desk and grab some water or check out the view from a window or just take a stroll down the hallway…if you have more time it would be beneficial to take a short walk and step outside of your office building for some fresh air and to take a few moments to think and let go of any stressful thoughts you may have had in your head earlier in the day




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