Ways to a Balanced Life

February 18th, 2016 | Food for Thought, Resume | No Comments »

What is the key to a happy and balanced life? How can you solve all of your problems and be happy and relaxed all of the time? Well, these are questions that do not have answers…well not definitive answers. But there are some ideas on how to achieve a happy and balanced life. There are ways to organize your life in order to obtain your ideal balance.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses. But we all seem to be striving for our own unique version of balance.

What secrets are there to help us all achieve balance? A Quora article “unlocked” the secrets to balance. Let’s see what the hidden secrets are to finding balance and happiness in life…

  •  Prioritize your health…this should be step one to reaching your balance and being happier in your life. You need to focus on your health routine. This routine needs to be something that gives you energy and boosts your spirit on a daily basis. Discover a new exercise class or try to run outdoors more often. Track your food more regularly and focus on buying healthy foods on your weekly grocery runs. Make sure to get a decent amount of sleep. You deserve it. Treating your body well is step one to being the best version of yourself and the happiest that you can be in life. Drink water…it matters!
  • Take time to disconnect…this can be by actually disconnecting from your smartphones and computers when you do not need to using these devices. Spend more quality time talking to others when you are in a room socializing with friends or family. Schedule time to unplug. Complete all tasks that involve your devices  during regular work hours and take some time each week to unplug at home and just breathe and feel the energy around you and your family.
  •  Allow yourself some creativity…make time for the things you love. Express yourself. Take an art class or learn a new instrument. If you don’t have time for something complex, discover a new book or musical artist and take an interest in something new.
  •  Meditate…it matters. Make sure you learn meditation techniques so that you can decompress and meditate after a long day or a long week. Schedule time and plan out your times to meditate. Make sure you make the effort to meditate and reflect on your busy life. Applaud your successes and reflect on theses successes while taking time to process the world around you everyday.