What Does It Mean to Have It All?

March 21st, 2016 | Articles, Food for Thought | No Comments »



What does it mean to have it all? What does it feel like to accomplish all of your goals and keep living a perfect life? Well the second question there is mean to be sarcastic, because, well, no life is perfect and we can always make more goals. But, with all of the focus that has come about on work-life balance, it is important to look at this concept of “having it all” and balancing out all of the activities in life.

A Huffington Post Women article  explores this topic of having it all, with information and ideas from former State Department Official Anne-Marie Slaughter’s new book Unfinished Business. Her book, and this article, raise some points that we found to be interesting and informative to women and men in various job positions throughout the country. It is clear that throughout the decades roles for men and women have changed and life has become even more hectic and scheduled; women have taken on larger roles in the workplace and many women are successful professionals who are busier than ever with more responsibilities. So, what issues need to be looked at? What needs to be understood about “having it all” and balancing the activities in life? Let’s explore.

Issues that need to be understood include:

  • The definition of success… this can vary from person to person and each person can have a different idea of what it means to be successful…women and men need to focus on happiness while achieving their goals and they need to understand what things they want to be included in their “having it all”
  • Confidence in decisions…both men and women need to focus on what is important to them…they need to understand that while being fulfilled in their work life they also need to find what it is that makes them fulfilled in the home life
  • Focusing on the right now…this matters because people need to understand what right now means to them and what makes them successful in the present life they are living
  • Thriving in your life…stick by your decisions and find the time to thrive by doing what you love and what makes you happy…even if doing what makes you happy is hard work
  • Be yourself…it is vital that you are true to yourself…you need to know yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses and this will help you “have it all”…understand your goals and how to achieve them and you can have aht you want…for the most part
  • Be a leader…help yourself and help others at the same time…practice leading in your personal life and in your work life…lead those around and let your mentors lead you on your path to success
  • Choose your activities wisely and prioritize what matters most to you and to your job

and…don’t forget to have fun along the way while you also “have it all”…having it all means you what you want it to…be yourself and do your best