Stay Smart: Boost Your Brain and Keep Up Your Intelligence

April 12th, 2016 | Resume | No Comments »

Do you want to get smarter? Do you feel like sharpening up your intelligence to feel your brain working each day? You are in luck. A recent article explores this idea of sharpening your intelligence daily. The article, “7 Daily Habits to Sharpen Your Intelligence”, gives you tips to work your brain daily and feel smarter every day. While the article shares 7 habits, we want to focus on the habits that we find to be the most important to us. But, feel free to click the link to the article to see all of the habits.

  1. Consider scenarios and use your brain to think of all of the outcomes that your ideas could have in your work life. Visualizing ideas can be truly beneficial. Think things through. This helps us all be less stressed and less overwhelmed. It is helpful to consider the impact of our decisions and to think about the future.
  2. Exercise daily…get moving! This is mentioned in multiple articles on how to boost energy and productivity and maintain your happiness. Exercising your body helps your brain. Sweating it out can help you feel less overwhelmed. Walking or working up a sweat doing cardio exercises can help clear your head. It also helps reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s.
  3. Practice a hobby. Having a hobby can help you feel focused and this can sharpen your intelligence. Book club is a great hobby to have and it also boosts your vocabulary at the same time. Playing a musical instrument is a good activity to boost your brain activity, so practice your instrument or jam out with some friends when your brain needs some recharging.