What Questions Should You Ask to Make Yourself Productive?

May 19th, 2016 | Articles, Food for Thought | No Comments »


The importance of productivity is growing daily. Our lives are busier than ever, and we must find out how to be more productive in our activities. We do not have time to be bogged down in our lives. So, we must ask ourselves specific questions to ensure we are the most productive we can be and get things done.

Let’s look at 5 essential questions to ask in order to be productive members of society:

  1. What is my top priority?
  2. What are the obstacles?
  3. Who is my “customer” for this?
  4. How will I create value with this?
  5. What should I skip in order to get what I want?

With the first question on the list we see that prioritizing matters in life. It can be difficult to chose some activities over others and to rank tasks in our lives. But we must assess what is most important and what tasks need to be done ahead of others. Second, obstacles can get in the way in life. This is not a secret. But, we must consider obstacles before we are actually facing them and then we will be able to prepare to take on any roadblocks. Third, who is the customer matters. When it comes to communication in life, you must consider who you are communicating to and you must think about what the goals are in your communication. You will be more productive if you think about your actions in terms of who they are serving. Fourth, creating value is key to determining true productivity. In life, it is important to consider what value is generated based on actions and activities. Being productive generally yields value in one way or another, so make sure you think about value when you are deciding on activities to take on in daily life. Lastly, sometimes skipping activities can help us all be more productive. Free time is a cherished gift. Establish a rank of tasks and carve out free time to help you regroup before taking on the tasks. Skip any time-wasting activities and get rid of the unimportant activities.

Information gathered from Inc.com article by John Brandon, “5 Questions the Most Productive People Ask Every Day”: