Avoid Burnout and Achieve Success

The topic of stress is a major topic in the workplace today. People are burning out more and more. Health issues are connected to stress. Today’s workers are exhausted and their bodies are tired. The following quote from the Business Insider article, “A surefire way to avoid burnout, according to a former Google exec,” focuses on this recent issue of burnout and the severity of burnout:

“Burnout can be the by-product of situations which require a lot more than an aphorism to fix. If you’re feeling depressed for a long period of time, seek out help – from family, friends, or a doctor. Professional burnout can also be the result of a bad job or bad boss – in these cases don’t just try to suck it up but instead address the cause of the issue.”

Life is a series of events and not all of the events in life are easy or the most enjoyable things we do during our time on this planet. We must all work to live. Work has become more flexible, but many people still are succumbing to pressure and stress and this leads many to depression and burnout. Focusing on the positives in life can help. It is important to surround ourselves with the people we love. As stated in the quote above, it is ok to ask for help. Asking for help is a positive step in the right direction. One can also learn to focus on how to cope with the struggles in life. As the Google exec says in the Business Insider article, “In tech we tend to be so focused on the destination that we can very often forget the journey.” This quote is key. Life is a journey and there is no question about that fact. Most people want to be successful and thus they are working hard to be successful in work and life.

Hitting a wall is something that can happen and can be an obstacle. But, you must focus on the journey and not let any obstacles cause to give up and burn out. Be thankful for today. Focus on each day’s successes. Every week after you get home from work, try to be thankful and focus on the positive steps you have taken on your journey. Hard work is commendable. Success can be achieved if you focus on the journey and stay true to yourself each day.  As the Google exec recommends, it is helpful to be thankful and to express gratitude each day at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day before going to sleep. Start each day with a happy thought. End each day with a positive though that reflects on something good you have done that day.

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