Avoid Making Certain Mistakes in Your Job Search

August 21st, 2016 | Articles, Job Search | No Comments »


Looking for a job can be tough. Some people feel sad about having to look for a job. Others are embarrassed about being unemployed. Many people don’t like to talk about the job search if they are actively seeking a job. But, there are things to know when it comes to looking for a new job. It is very easy to make mistakes that will stop you from landing the job. A recent Forbes.com article explores “The 8 Biggest Blunders Job Seekers Make”, looking at mistakes people make during their hunt for the right job. As the title is “The 8 Biggest Blunders Job Seekers Make”, the article looks at just that, the big mistakes that many job seekers make when they are in the process of looking to land a job. We want everyone to find the right job and we are here to help.

Let’s look at what Forbes says are major “blunders” that job seekers make.

Here are some of the key mistakes job seekers make – avoid these but read these points to make sure you understand what not to do in your job search: 

  1. Not using their network – this matters – according to the article, between 70 and 80 % of jobs are found through a network connection – so…use your network! Do it! Check out the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for more figures, but according to the BLS 70% of jobs are found through networking.
  2. Thinking that just because they are qualified that they will be hired right away – wrong – jobs have to be the right fit – one person might have a great background and be qualified for the job, but their personality might not be a fit – there are a lot of factors! Don’t think that just because you are qualified that you don’t need to have a personal brand and sell yourself.
  3. Not paying attention to their virtual brand – many people don’t “Google” their name to see what comes up – you should! It is important to know that people will “Google” you and that hiring managers will probably search your name to see what information is available.
  4. Being too flexible is not a good thing – don’t just say you are open to a variety of jobs – it is ok to be a little flexible, but as the article says, “Don’t try to be all things to all people.”
  5. Being unprepared for job interviews – this is not good! You need to be prepared for your interviews. A big mistake people make is they assume that they have done the research they need to do but they have not prepared to be asked tough questions. Also, it is important to stay current with the news related to the job you are interviewing for, because it shows you are interested and eager in a good way. People who are not current on the news of the company they are interviewing at are viewed as not being prepared for their interviews.