Certain Personality Traits Can Help You Get Hired

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It is hard to truly know what exactly the hiring manager is looking for when making hiring decisions. Yes, the hiring manager is looking for specific skills in candidates, but we all know that just because candidates have certain skills doesn’t mean they necessarily land the job. Skills alone are not the key focus when it comes to hiring decisions. One must have the skills and there is no doubt about that, but more and more company culture is becoming a focus. Hiring mangers are know focused on how candidates would fit into the company culture. Personality matters more than ever when it comes to landing the job. Being flexible and openminded can help you get hired.

What main personality traits can help candidates get the job? Business Insider explored the topic of personality traits and hiring in an online article. According to the article, “Managers usually find job applicants with sufficient technical skills – or at least the capacity to acquire them.”  However, these hiring mangers need to make sure that candidates can fit into the company culture. A key quote from the article stands out, stating, “You can’t teach honesty or character.” This quote is from Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert, who stresses the need for certain personality traits in candidates. It is clear that personality matters when hiring decisions are made. Do you have the personality traits that hiring managers want?

Let’s look at what personality traits are attractive to employers: 

  • Being trustworthy
  • Being enthusiastic
  • Being emotionally intelligent
  • Being respectful
  • Being passionate about work
  • Being intellectually curious
  • Being professional
  • Being team-oriented
  • Being articulate
  • Being organized
  • Being results-oriented
  • Being flexible
  • Being dedicated and loyal
  • Being tenacious
  • Being confident
  • Having a sense of humor



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