Are You Stressed? Learn to Control Stress

October 13th, 2016 | Articles, Food for Thought | No Comments »


Stress is a hot topic right now. As the holidays approach, the world seems more stressful than ever, and everyone around us is busy and overwhelmed. Focusing on work is difficult when you are stressed, but  you are often stressed because you want to be a good employee. Stress can affect health. With poor health comes poor performance at work and in daily activities. Before you become too stressed, make sure to get control of your stress. The Huffington Post explores this topic of stress in an article that offers advice on how to get stress under control.

Don’t let stress wreak havoc on your health. As the article emphasizes, controlling stress in life in order to be mentally and physically healthy is important to getting your life on track. As a society, we are stressed more and more each day. While it might seem like a difficult task to get stress under control, it is possible. Maintaining a calm and collected attitude is essential to living a better life.  Let’s examine the advice from the article and see what all of us can do to get stress under control and how you personally can work towards managing your stress. Learning coping mechanisms is key to success in leading a less stressful life. 

Ways to Deal With and Control Your Stress:

  • Appreciate the Things You Have – don’t take advantage of the little things in life…it is important to focus on what great things you have in your life right now…be grateful and appreciate what you have, and you will naturally be less stressed when you realize all the great things you have in life
  • Be Positive and Stay Positive – you must have a good attitude and maintain this attitude…being positive can work wonders and change the whole way the body feels…it is important to keep positive thoughts around so that you can shift to them when you are having bad moments…think about a positive thing that sparks happiness in your mind and keep this thought around so you can use it when you need it
  • Take Time to Disconnect – make yourself go offline…unplug sometimes…staying connected to work 24/7 is stressful…it is important to disconnect from work on the weekends and at night sometimes…take breaks from email and make sure you get outside and focus on other things besides works in your free time…turn off your phone once in a while on the weekend if you can
  • Make Sleep a Priority – sleep matters…make sure to get a good amount of sleep so that your body is prepared to deal with any stress you have in your life…getting a good night’s sleep is key to keeping your brain healthy


Article Link from The Huffington Post