Lead Yourself to Success

January 11th, 2017 | Articles, Food for Thought | No Comments »

What can a 105-year-old cyclist teach you about success? It turns out that a 105-year-old cyclist can teach you a great deal about success. Robert Marchand is a 105-year-old cyclist who just broke a world record in a category that was created just for him, and that is pretty impressive. This 105-year-old cyclist, Marchand, set the record for the longest official distance ridden in one hour in this new category. He cycled 14 miles in an hour. Pretty impressive, right? That’s not all. This impressive 105-year-old did something that had not been done before, and he did something extraordinary that no one expected someone of his age to do.

This achievement by Marchand shows that success can come at any age and that success depends on determination. Marchand’s impressive accomplishment can serve as a lesson for success. A CBS News online article highlights his determination and his discipline. The article highlights Marchand’s positive attitude, healthy lifestyle, and his goal-setting mentality.

Marchand’s record shows that perseverance and optimism, and also mental strength and a goal-setting mindset, are the ingredients in a recipe for success.

Let’s see what lessons can be learned from Marchand that can help lead us all to success:

  • If something hasn’t been done before that doesn’t mean it can’t be done
  • You can accomplish more than you think you can
  • A strong vision (of what you want and how to get it) helps you achieve your goals
  • Limitations set by society don’t mean anything – Robert Marchand proves this by being the 105-year-old cyclist who set a new world record
  • You can do anything if you put your mind to it
  • You can get what you want by going after it and being mentally and physically prepared
  • Setting realistic goals and being prepared to achieve these goals will allow you to be successful
  • Focus is key
  • Keep it simple and keep your vision clear…know yourself and your limits