Technology Trends for 2018

January 4th, 2018 | Articles | No Comments »

If you’re excited to see what’s to come in the tech world of 2018, here’s a few highlights:

Oculus Go

This Virtual Reality system will be released in early ’18, and will feature 1,000+ games, social apps, 360 experiences, and more! Click here for more.

5G – Speedy Wireless

There have been many talks about 5G technology becoming available, but one carrier, AT&T, has stated that it will introduce a commercial service in more than 12 cities in the US. Other carriers have talked about offering 5G, but have not made a statement on their plans. This is a hot topic to watch for in 2018, because the capability could pave the way for VR, 4K video, and self-driving cars. Click here for more.

Artificial Intelligence

A big topic in 2017 will continue to trend in 2018, as businesses create an industry specific take on AI and how to approach successful AI initiatives, which include augmented intelligence. “[A]ugmented intelligence extends human cognitive abilities through the pairing of people and machines to solve some of the biggest problems we face as a human race.” [Forbes] Click here for more.

These are just a few, so stay tuned for new releases on technology advances soon to come.