Shannon Famosi – Branch Manager

A little about me…

Hi! My name is Shannon, and I am the Branch Manager of Ashley Ellis in Orlando, FL. For the past 13+ years, I have had the privilege of building highly-valued relationships with some extremely talented professionals and leaders. They, along with my wonderful team, have been the cornerstone of my success and continue to teach me invaluable information, which in turn has helped me develop as a leader, and for that I am very grateful!

I take great pride in my ability to make the connection between the who and what hiring leaders are looking for in their prospective employees and vice versa. I consider myself a “matchmaker” in recruiting form. Never do I compromise quality in my work, and I personally guarantee that my team, candidates and hiring leaders will always receive my 110% each step of the way. I embrace challenges and have a true understanding that reputation is everything.

Send us your resume or start your hiring search today! To speak with me directly, send me an email at or call me 407-215-0360.

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  1. E.K. says:

    In the few years that I’ve known Shannon, she’s always been very personable and open to new ideas. Being helpful is just the type of person she is and shows even if you’re not using her services. That speaks volumes about who she is. If you need to count on someone to do a good and be reliable, she’s your go to person.

  2. G.L. says:

    I am impressed with Shannon’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor. She is resourceful and driven.

  3. T.H. says:

    Shannon is very savvy and knowledgeable about upcoming developments in the IT industry. This insight aids Shannon in her ability to forecast staffing trends within the technology marketplace. She takes the time to understand the requirements of both candidates and clients to ensure the needs of each party are fulfilled. Her expertise in building relationships on both the management and candidate side make doing business with her a pleasure.

  4. Ashley Y. says:

    Shannon was my recruiter which landed me in my current career path.

    From day one she was very personable – working with me to sell myself in the best way possible, as well as creative – she recommended a position that, while I had experience in it, was not the first recommendation any other recruiter I’d worked with had suggested. She had a job lined up for me within a week.

    At the end of the day, I’m working on my 2nd year with the company, happy with my field and role and am in the process of making my mark on my industry.

    I undoubtedly owe the opportunity to get here to Shannon’s hard work.

  5. T.S. says:

    I have been fortunate to establish a business relationship with Shannon Maravolo since 2008. In my role as co-Founder and co-owner, I often find myself with the need to hire qualified software professionals under short time constraints. Additionally, our contract base is subject to short term fluctuations requiring maximum flexibility with the size of our software staff. Shannon has been a great asset for assisting my company in both of these areas. The recruiting services that she has provided have resulted in introducing me to quality software professionals concluding with the conversion to full time
    employees. Shannon has also worked with me in regard to contract duration and cost.

    Shannon has proven to be committed to helping my company achieve our hiring goals. Shannon has demonstrated honesty and openness during our contractual negotiations and sincerely considers the interest of my company. I highly recommend Shannon Maravolo’s recruiting

  6. Eric Q. says:

    Shannon is a pleasure to work with, and always professional in her approach to business. After working with Shannon for awhile I found her to be very highly motivated person with great communication skills. Shannon would check with me frequently to find out how a particular project was going, and always made sure I was comfortable in that position.

  7. Brian P. says:

    Shannon is a true professional at what she does. Without fail she was pursuing different opportunities for me without me having to ask twice. She is very well organized, detailed, and knowledgeable. Her personality made it very easy for me to work with and I will continue to keep in contact with her because of the wonderful experience I had with her. Without a question I would recommend her!

  8. Dan D. says:

    Shannon is a great contact to have when a person is in need of expertise in the IT industry. She is very customer service oriented with great results for projects I worked with her on. The team members she supplied were “as advertised” with very little ramp up time required. In the future, I will make sure to contact Shannon whenever I am in need of contract resources.

  9. Randy G. says:

    Shannon has brought some great team members to our organization, and has done an effective job of always being responsive to our needs! She goes the extra mile, and maintains a strong working relationship.

  10. Russ M. says:

    Shannon helps us recruit software engineers. We have very explicit requirements and high standards for the engineers we hire. To our satisfaction, in all cases, she has done a great job finding candidates that matched our needs. She is very attentive to our needs and somehow manages to locate candidates with just the right background and experience level. She brings a lot of passion to her work and is a pleasure to work with.

  11. R.S. says:

    I have worked with Shannon for over two years and her performance has been exemplary. Shannon’s strength of character, loyalty to the job, attitude and dedication to the task remains constant and persistent in times of crisis. These are personality traits that are seldom or ever seen in the workplace.
    The demands of the job, the ability to perform and react on your feet, the adjustment to new and always changing requirements puts added stress on you ever day, and in all situations. There are numerous options to consider when making a decision, and all decisions are critical for the business.
    Shannon is a most valuable asset.

  12. Tonya says:

    In the midst of the trying to obtain employment in today’s economic hard times, I have been very blessed and fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with Shannon Maravolo. Shannon has made my transition back to work a very pleasant experience. Due to her enthusiastic, professional and high level of expertise I have acquired a position that I absolutely love and know I will flourish in…Thanks Shannon!! Job well done!!

  13. James Fogel says:

    Recently I began my job search and during that time I was contacted by many recruiting firms. Shannon from Ashely Ellis stood out above all others in that from our initial contact it was clear the position she had in mind for me was an excellent fit. As the process continued there was no doubt that this was the perfect position.

    What I find most impressive here is Shannon’s ability to make this sort of match so effectively and efficiently. A perfect match is much more than a candidate having a specific skill or set of skills. You could say that the street goes both ways in that the potential employer and potential employee need to gel not only with regards to the job requirements but personality types, compatibility with corporate culture and other points. In all these areas Shannon is an expert.

  14. D.J. says:

    The candidate that Shannon provided was a GREAT addition to the team and is fitting in very well. He’s been involved in a few large projects already and has had a significant impact in his role. I appreciate her help in finding him and will be reaching out to her in the near future for more adds!!!!

  15. Yan Rodriguez says:

    I worked with several recruiters where most of time it did not work out or we had different understandings of what I was looking for.

    Shannon was absolutely wonderful. If I ever again am on the look out for new opportunities, she will be the first person I contact. Shannon was very easy to talk to and she will have a great understanding of what I am looking for. I think what I appreciate most, was that I never felt I was talking to a recruiter, just a friend helping me out 🙂

    You will not regret contacting her. 🙂 La mejor!

  16. Kelly S. says:

    I would like to recommend Shannon for her amazing recruiting support she has given me! She is incredibly talented and always is able to find those candidates with the most niche skill sets. She is easy to work with, really knows the market, and is always able to quickly provide me with quality resumes! Its such a pleasure working with her. Ashley Ellis is always my top vendor choice to use because of Shannon!”

  17. LaTonya D says:

    I have been impressed with my overall experience with Shannon and professional demenor. She is an amazing recruiter with passion that excudes beyond measure. From day one I felt a connection and was impressed how she committed her time as well as energy to keep me updated about leads in Information Technology!

    She most definately is matchmaker for success for eager professional who are seeking to fulfill his or her passion in this industry. Ive spoken with several recruiters however it makes a the difference when you connect with a recruiter who is sincere about your future.