Tech Trends: What’s in Store for 2014?

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tech trends new years 2014

2013 brought about plenty of change in the tech industry. New social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram saw massive success, and old timers like Facebook broke new ground by going public. Tablets and smartphones became the new norms when it comes to surfing the web, and PC companies saw record plunges in the sales of their desktop and laptop computers, forcing them to change their ways or falter.

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November Jobs Report: Good Tidings for Employment

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November Job Reports

This morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics had good tidings to share: the November Jobs Report shows that the economy is continuing to rebound along a positive trajectory. 203,000 new jobs were added to the domestic workforce, unemployment statistics made a substantial plummet, and even corrections for September and October were proportionately miniscule. On the surface, these numbers all bode well for economic recovery in the wake of the Great Recession but Read More

IT Salary Statistics:How Do You Stack Up?

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It salary

We should always keep in mind that our careers aren’t all about the salary we receive, but at the end of the day (or every two weeks) we are still doing a job and getting paid for it. While it is certainly considered rude to approach your friends or co-workers to inquire about their salary most of us also want to know how we stack up against everyone else – especially the people Read More

The Future of Our Five Senses

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Five Senses

Digital technology is ubiquitous – it’s in our homes, our offices, and everywhere we go – but to some that just isn’t enough. Mobile phones & tablets broaden our social experience, but the feeling that we are dealing with pixels on a static, plastic slab is ultimately there. We may have adjusted but our five senses definitely aren’t fooled. There is still a defined line where we end & technology begins. Now, as augmented reality Read More

26 Places & Ways to Lose, Misuse, & Abuse Google Glass

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If you are following the newsfeed on Google Glass, you know that long before an official widespread release, restrictions are already being proposed by senators, business owners, & activist groups. West Virginia’s state legislature is already discussing an amendment to ban drivers from using Glass on the road with others to follow. Some businesses are opting to forbid the use of Google Glass on their premises. For those thinking about picking up their own Google Glass, Read More

What Google Glass Can Do for IT

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Google Glass

Google Glass could drastically change the way consumers interact with their surroundings but what potential does this technology hold for the professional IT world?

Google X Labs, the experimental division of the ubiquitous search giant, is walking a fine line between mere novelty and watershed technology with the forthcoming release of Google Glass. Until the device sees widespread release, we can only speculate on the complete impact that augmented reality technology will have on business Read More

5 Technology Careers You May Not Have Considered

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Spark of intuition

Looking for an incredible, high-tech job? Look no further than these 5 cutting edge IT careers!

The huge amounts of data that dominate the working world create a multitude of career opportunities for someone with an information technology degree. Data must be managed, mined, disseminated and protected, and business sectors around the world (both public and private) are part of the game. While there are many routine IT jobs that are necessary and worthy occupations, Read More

How to Become a Data Scientist

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For those would be data scientists, here are the skills you need to be a success!

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Data scientists are the skilled professionals who can turn raw, unstructured data into answers about brand sentiment, product strategy, asset utilization, and much more. They provide predictive analysis that can pay off in dividends and earn both themselves and their companies a sizable fortune. Now you may be asking, “What do I Read More

The Essentials of Big Data Analysis

June 13th, 2012 | Job Search, Press Releases and Industry News | 2 Comments »

big data

An overview of Big Data analysis and what it can do for you!

Data is the indispensable commodity of our age. Businesses, research facilities, and government organizations all collect endless streams of data that, when correctly assessed, can mean unparalleled breakthroughs and growth. Organizations, realizing the true value of their data reservoirs, are willing to handsomely reward anyone capable of extracting refined nuggets of insight from these mounds of unrefined information. The rewards are definitely great. Read More

April Hiring Trends

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Steady job growth continued its onward march for both the information technology and engineering industries in April. Market Watch reported 17,000 additional information technology jobs, a 4 percent increase from prior statistics. This marks the fourth consecutive month of IT employment growth, spurned by several developments in the information technology world.

Cloud computing is on the rise, with greater numbers of Fortune 1000 companies and other ambitious firms assimilating this advantageous data storage technique into their IT Read More