Are your IT skills in demand in Chicago?

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Take a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs reports and you’ll see the information technology sector is still booming in spite of slow national growth. Other industries may take the occasional hit but IT continues to surge forward. Where does Chicago stack up in the grand scheme of the market? We took a look at some supply and demand statistics to find out about the health of the job market. Read more…

Where Do We Go From Here? Interview Follow Up Tips

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Follow up thank you note interview

A proper thank you note and follow up call can make a huge difference in the hiring process. You are more likely to be remembered if you reach out and made contact with the hiring manager post interview. Plus, you will reiterate your interest in the position and give yourself the best chance at getting the job. Read more…

Is the Supreme Court About to Let Others Steal Your Code?

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supreme court software patents

Software patents are about to become the talk of the IT community, again.  On Monday, March 31st, the US Supreme court will begin hearing the case Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank, which will essentially set the precedent for all patent infringement lawsuits to come, or completely do away with them once and for all. Read more…

Tell Me about a Time You Failed at Work

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tell me about a time your failed at work

Your workplace mistakes usually don’t take center stage during the interview, but sometimes discussing them just cannot be avoided. If the hiring manager springs the “Tell me about a time you failed at work” question on you during the interview, do not panic. Answering the question simply requires a deeper understanding of why it was asked.

What the question is actually asking Read more…

Will Your Programming Skills Be Obsolete Next Month?

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Programming Skills Obsolete

What’s the shelf life on the average programming language? Some languages lose their luster as quickly as milk spoils while others have the near eternal longevity of a Twinkie (If you don’t believe it, look at the continued usage of the C language).

On a daily basis, the permanency of your programming skills may not be an eminent thought, but in the long term, as you work to keep your career nourished against Darwinian levels of competition, the question becomes more pressing. So ask yourself: are your programming skills as sleek as they once were? There are a few ways to find out. Read more…

Job Vacancies Cost Companies $5,000 a Month. But These Hiring Mistakes Can Cost You More

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job vacancies

An empty chair stands vacant in the corner of your office, begging to be filled as it overloads your employees with added work. Not filling it, according to a CareerBuilder study, is costing you about $14,000 every three months. While it is important to move quickly to fill it, making one of these hiring mistakes in the process could wind up costing you more. Read more…

4 Things Your Resume is Missing

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What Your Resume is Missing

So much goes into a resume that important pieces can easily slip through the cracks. Most know to include employment history from newest to oldest and to leave out irrelevant jobs, but there are features your resume is missing. Read more…

The February Jobs Report Shows IT Hiring is Thawing

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February jobs report IT

The February Jobs Report is out. For the first time in months, the numbers were greater than those predicted by leading economists. The IT industry was bolstered with fairly strong numbers, a good sign that the IT job seekers are heading towards a lively spring revival.

The Numbers Read more…

Are You Blowing the Interview in the First 90 Seconds?

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tell me about yourself

Most hiring managers will start the interview off by asking, “Tell me about yourself.” How you answer this question could determine immediately if the job is yours.

According to research, 33% of bosses know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether or not they will hire someone. This is just enough time to make a good first impression and present an elevator pitch that starts you off on the right foot. Follow these tips to help you craft a pitch that will get you the job. Read more…

Here’s How Much Your Technical Skills Are Worth

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How Much Do You Make

Feel like you’re underpaid? You’re not alone. A study conducted by the American Psychology Association found that 46 percent of Americans feel they aren’t adequately compensated. Whether this gripe is founded in real disparity or unfounded assumptions, the results provide a valid question: do you know the market value of your skills? If not, you’re missing out on a valuable bargaining chip. Read more…