The Competitive Salary Your Next Employee Will Expect

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Good candidates don’t go unnoticed. The talent you want on your team is probably coveted or being courted by several of your competitors. Moving fast when you can is a given, but being a quick draw is not enough. Recent studies found that 42% of candidates turn down the offer. A truly competitive salary acquires talent that your team can’t afford to lose. (more…)

10 Resume Buzzwords that Employers Can’t Stand

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Resume Buzzwords

Everything in your resume has a purpose. From the details of your achievements down to the design and individual words you choose, it all matters.

Words that fail to serve your purpose and entice employers to interview you need to be plucked up by the root and replaced. And these 15 boring resume buzzwords and phrases are ripe for removal. (more…)

Temporary Employees Are Where Hiring Is Going

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Temporary Employees

Over the last 6 years, temporary employees have stepped out of the shadows to become a larger part of the workforce. CareerBuilder reports that temporary employment services have grown 57 percent from 2009 to 2014, and it’s not just for clerical roles or day laborers.

Anyone from accountants and system analysts to developers and machinists can now be ordered to fit a business’ workload fluctuations and short-term niche projects. That has very far-reaching implications for the job market. (more…)

The Quickest Way to End Your Job Search

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Working with a Technical Recruiter

If you’re job hunting, much of your schedule (before work, after work, and on lunch) is consumed by your search. Hours feel frittered away as you identify opportunities, research employers, revise resumes, interview, network, and maintain all that a job search entails.

Some days, it probably even feels like you’re juggling porcelain dolls, striving to keep all of these delicate processes up in the air. Sound a little nerve-racking? Then it’s time to accelerate your job search with a technical recruiter. (more…)

Win Over Non-Technical Interviewers in 4 Steps

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NonTechnical People

Ever tried speaking your native tongue in a foreign country? The language barrier was probably tough. Now imagine that foreign country is a job interview with a non-technical interviewer. Sure, you’re being heard, but is the nuance of your hyper-technical jargon falling short in an instance where communication is key?

That’s why careful preparation is all the more important when trying to convey your technical value to a non-technical interviewer. (more…)

The Fastest Way to Fill Your Open Positions

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EIO Interview

When I started recruiting back in the late 90s, I was introduced to private on-site interviewing or EIO (employer-in-office) interviewing. I instantly saw it was a huge success. We gave clients a distraction free way to quickly and efficiently single out the right candidate and make the hire. Not surprisingly, we’re still using this method to save clients time, money, and unnecessary headaches. (more…)

7 Unbeatable Phone Interview Tips

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Phone Interview

These days, people aren’t much for phone conversations. Unless it’s big news (good or bad), people tend to rely on snack-sized texts or meatier emails. However, phone interviews happen, whether you’re a phone person or not.

When you do have a phone interview, employers need to be as impressed by your skills and personality over the phone as they will be when meeting you in the flesh. (more…)

Give Interview Feedback: It Can Save Your Next Hire

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Interview Feedback

Imagine you’ve just interviewed a candidate. He or she is a perfect technical fit and passes all your own personality requirements. You’re smitten, but you need to get approval from further up the chain. Several days or a week pass. When you finally reach out to the candidate or your recruiter, the window of opportunity is gone. That perfect candidate has already moved on to another job.

It’s a common situation for anyone who has tried to fill a position. However, is the fix as easy as providing interview feedback to candidates? (more…)