Bob Dralle – Branch Manager

A little about me…

Hi, I’m Bob. My focus is always on the two people involved! It’s all about bringing the human side of the equation together and making the pieces fit. You have to care about the people you serve and the rest is just effort.

Send us your resume or start your hiring search today! To speak with me directly, send me an email or call me at 317-815-9622.

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  1. Robb Stubbs says:

    Bob consistently gives more than he gains in his business relationships. Bob is hard working, thoughtful, reliable and full of integrity. Of the “A Players” that I am associated with I have to give Bob an A+.

  2. Ken Stoughton says:

    I have had the privilege of working with Bob for over 10 years and have developed an outstanding professional and personal relationship with him. Bob is the “go to” person when promptness and quality are driving your IT placement needs. He possesses the ability to understand your culture and can respond with the qualified individual that will assimilate quickly into your organization. One would be hard pressed to locate a placement professional with the level of commitment and knowledge that Bob offers and I would recommend that you connect with Bob and discover the value he can add to your business

  3. Tim Czizek says:

    I’ve used Bob for perm placement off and on for the better part of 10 years. Bob is the most connected and competent recruiter out there. I hate using the term recruiter, because it sounds so limiting. Bob has been a great advisor and solutionist too. He was an advisor when I lost my job due to outsourcing, offering insight and career guidance. Bob always tries to find the right person for the job, just not anybody. He listens and understands your needs, the role and the environment matches the right person so I don’t have to worry about turnover.

  4. Rhonda Winter says:

    Bob has been a valued partner over the years. He carefully assesses the candidates he represents and understands the cultures and needs of the clients he services. His integrity and honesty result in bringing people together in relationships that last and grow to develop high performance teams. He is a natural mentor as is reflected in the comments from others here in this recommendation section. Talent once represented by Bob becomes a career-long relationship

  5. Deb Himsel says:

    Over many years I have had the pleasure of working with Bob Dralle when he was with Business Management Personnel (Previously General Employment). Bob assisted me with filling a number of vacant positions in my department at Locke Reynolds.

    As a recruiter, Bob did an outstanding job of listening to my needs and working with me to find the right candidate. He not only worked hard to find candidates who were qualified for the position, but also listened to the soft skills needed for the position, and worked to find “the right fit”. I appreciated Bob’s follow up after an interview to find out what worked and what didn’t. He has great listening skills and was able to apply what we discussed towards finding the perfect candidate.

    It was a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable recruiter for our technology needs. Bob also cared about maintaining the client relationship as well. He was good to follow up with me after the placement of a new hire to make sure things were going well and would also touch base with me regularly to see if we were in need of anything without coming across as “pushy” or overly aggressive. His approach fostered the client relationship, leaving me to feel that he truly cared about my technology needs more than he did about placing the next candidate. His professionalism and customer service were “top notch.”

  6. Beth H. says:

    Bob is a passionate individual and well connected. I worked for Bob full-time for about 12 months while attending IUPUI as a student (around 2000 and during a recession). This was my first recruiting industry experience and he gave me a chance when I was an undergraduate HR major. He is great at predicting the future and encouraging team members when things are tough. If you need someone or something then Bob is a person that can make it happen.

    We hold different positions now but all said and done at the end of the day I can say that Bob was one of my favorite people to work with in this lifetime. Thank you for giving me a chance, Bob!

  7. Angela Meyer says:

    I worked for Bob for 10 years. He is a great guy and boss. Bob is a leader, a mentor and a friend. Bob is very ethical and has an awesome work ethic. Bob taught me a lot in those 10 years and I am a better person because of him. If you get the opportunity to work with Bob, you will not be disappointed.

  8. Amy Crowninshield Barnes says:

    Bob was more than a boss. He was a teacher, a mentor, and a cheerleader. There were days that I was not crazy about my job, but I was always excited to work with Bob. He taught me to take responsibility for my work, to brand myself and what I do, and to always prepare for the worst while expecting the best. Bob was not just a great manager of people, he developed talents within his staff and inspired them to be a great employees.

  9. Jan Huber says:

    I have found that recruiters can sometimes be bothersome, unattentive, and are only interested in getting candidates in the door, but Bob was anything but my stereotype of a recruiter. He listened as you described the skill sets you needed, then only presented qualified candidates that he felt not only had the skills we were looking for, but also had the personality that would fit in our culture. It was a pleasure working with Bob.

  10. Dean Leicht says:

    Bob conducted a seminar for the local chapter of the Project Management Institute, Central Indiana Chapter. He presented to our Pre-Chapter Meeting on using LinkedIN to find their next job or to help being found. Those who attended provided awesome reviews, and some believed it was the best presentation to date for the Pre-Chapter Meetings, produced by the Career Development Committee.
    Bob is a great presenter, knows his subject and related well to our members in attendance. Great job Bob!

  11. Guy Giuliano says:

    Bob Dralle was a major influence on me while we worked together at General Employment. When I first met Bob, I had just become successful with the company and Bob’s influence helped me then (and continues to help me) to become a better recruiter. His ethics, experience, and personable persona make him one of the best people I’ve come across in my career. I’d recommend him to anyone in need of an educated, honest and hard working man -> in staffing or any other endeavor he chose to pursue. Bob Dralle is a class act.

  12. Dean McKnight says:

    I have had the opportunity to work with Bob from both sides of the employment fence. When I was laid off he provided me with excellent guidence, mentoring and moral support while looking for a new position. I have sent friends and previous co-workers to Bob when they were looking to take the next step in their career. I have also called on Bob to fill some very specalized IT positions in my current role. Bob’s integrity and range of personal experience gives him great insight and allows him to get to the root of what needs to get done quickly. Bob is creative, practical and great to work with because of his honesty and straight forward approach.

  13. Dave Wysock says:

    Bob had conducted training classes in my office on several occasions and won the respect of everyone in the group. He is an energetic motivational speaker with an excellent command of the complex idiosyncrasies of the recruiting business. His honest approach to training is refreshing in a field where many trainers have more wit than wisdom.

  14. David Bishop says:

    Bob is an excellent communicator and an outstanding motivator. Bob was great at presenting new ideas as well as teaching tried-and-true techniques from his many years of recruiting experience. He is always willing to share what he knows and he does it with great enthusiasm.

  15. Richard Mowery says:

    Bob is a genuine type of guy who gave you the advice you needed to accomplish your goals even if you really did not want to know. Bob’s expertise in the employment business is excellent and he is a trusted advisor.

  16. Matt Tader says:

    Bob is always there for you. He takes the time to get a good understanding of the customer needs and always seems to have that with him as he looks at opportunities. He is very strong at finding the right people for the right need. That is in part to the time he takes with his contacts, and with his understanding of the industry and process needed to get good qualified matches. His services have been a value add to my organization.

  17. Dana Swygard says:

    I worked for Bob for a little over a year. Bob is a great leader who motivates his employees, leads by example, and creates cohesive teams. He truly cares for his employees and creates an environment to help them grow both professionally and personally.

  18. Aaron Guldberg says:

    I’ve been extremely happy with Bob over the years whether I’ve I’ve needed his services or just want to get a pulse on the job market. As a result, I have sent a number of individuals in his way as I consider him a trusted advisor in a small IT market.

  19. Marti White says:

    Bob is a seasoned recruiter/manager because he treats everyone he encounters in a highly professional manner. He is honest and ethical, and works to provide the best technical/personality fit he can when bringing candidates and hiring managers together.

  20. Dawn Blender says:

    In 1992 Bob Dralle hired me right out of college and trained me in what would become my career. Everything I am today as a recruiter I owe to Bob. He is a great mentor and knows how to empower his employees to do great things. He is honest and hardworking and a true joy to be around.

  21. Jonathan Katz says:

    Bob has been a fantastic resource for me over the years. His area contacts and professionalism have assisted in not only landing me two fantastic jobs but his personnel agency has supplied my workplace with many hardworking and capable teammates.

  22. Lynn Kurtz says:

    I certainly could have chosen all of the above attributes regarding Bob. We have had fantastic candidates come to our organization through contract to hire from Bob’s agency and his personal recruitment. Bob had the difficult task of finding hard to find IT skills. I have worked with agencies all over the country from time to time, and Bob is one of the very best. I highly recommend him.

  23. Charles Clarke says:

    Bob partnered well with our team. He understood the soft skills a candidate needed and only presented the best!

  24. Jennifer Fahlsing says:

    Bob is a very dedicated professional who gives of his time and talents to promote our profession through his efforts with the ISSA (Indiana Search & Staffing Association).

  25. Deb Patterson says:

    I have known Bob for about 4 years. I am currently working as a contract IT staff for Bob. I have found him to be very professional, insightful as to market and trends in staffing and determined to find the best fit for both client and staff. His mentoring and encouragement has assisted me in finding full time work with a 5 year employment gap and during a tough job market. I will continue to support and recommend Bob both as a recruiter and provider of human resources.

  26. Anu Jacob says:

    Bob helped me in getting the right job- right location, right remuneration and right profile- in just 2 weeks! He is really good at his job.

  27. Jeff Spires says:

    I worked with Bob many times over a 2 year period in finding technical resources that could meet my organizations requirements. Bob is diligent in learning about an organization, its personality and its needs to be sure he finds the best fit the first time. I trusted Bob in bringing me high quality IT resources to meet my organization’s needs.

  28. Robert Goldstein says:

    Bob is a knowledgeable and personable manager who listens to his clients and ‘partners’ with them achieve the desired results within a reasonable amount of time. He keeps himself involved in his area of expertise and maintains a good understanding of current and future trends.