Before You Quit Your Job, Read This…

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I Quit

Are you one of the thousands who use January and its promise of new starts and hopeful resolutions as a reason to start browsing the job boards?

At Ashley Ellis, we typically see a 30% spike in website traffic compared to other months, from people who are rethinking their current career choices.

If your goal for the New Year is to quit your current job and find a better one, you should keep the following points in mind.

1. Do you really want to quit your job?

Let’s be honest: It takes guts to jump into the job search. From battling interview nerves to saying those two definitive words (I quit) to your current boss, confidence is a must-have. Before you quickly list your New Year’s Resolutions to include a new job, think about your reasons behind it, and stick to your conclusion. It’s going to take work to succeed. If you jump into the job search and then change your mind, you may end up even unhappier than before you started if you quit your current job. (more…)

Combating Counteroffers: We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet!

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Sitting in your boss’s office, you just delivered the speech you’ve been reciting to yourself for the last week: you found another job where you will be recognized and rewarded for your true worth. The hand is on the other side of the table and your boss decides to not let you go. Now, you are “irreplaceable.” Now, “every project will fall apart without you.” Now, you are made a counteroffer with more zeroes than you expected. What do you do? (more…)

The Scary Truth: 9 out of 10 People Regret Accepting Counteroffers

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A previous article about counteroffers received an interesting comment, which we felt was worthy of inspiring a more in-depth discussion about counteroffers.

When it comes to counteroffers, the simple rule and most valuable piece of advice is that counteroffers should not be accepted once the decision to look for a new job has been made. One reader had a different opinion, saying, “I don’t believe your advice holds true for those who are looking [for a new job] primarily because of compensation dissatisfaction.” (more…)

The Truth About Counteroffers

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Congratulations! You just received an offer for an exciting new opportunity! But wait, now that it’s a reality, what’s next? You put in your notice with your current employer and you’re all ready and excited to start your new career. Imagine your surprise when suddenly your current employer gives you a counteroffer. Bet you never expected that one!

It may look shiny and exciting, but under all that glitter, what exactly is a counteroffer? (more…)