The Wearable Tech Wars Will Leave No Survivors

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Google Glass, smart watches, smart rings, and other variations of wearable tech are being hailed as the future of the industry, but their fate on the market is still a long way off from being determined. As tech companies continue racking the brains of the mad scientists that work on the lower levels of their R&D compounds, media pundits are busy sounding off on which technology (and company) will come out ahead in the end. The Internet is being flooded with bloggers preaching atop soapboxes, companies debuting new designs, and comedians creating offbeat parodies of wearable tech gone wrong. (more…)

The Best Mobile Apps for System Administrators

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System Administrators are integral to the vitality of tech companies. Not only do they have the grave responsibility of maintaining vital systems and networks but the job can often have them on the go. Check out these awesome mobile apps designed especially for the everyday system admin needs.

Linux Command Reference (and +) (more…)

Use Your Job References Right!

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If a new job is like that person who makes your head spin from across the room at a party, your references are like the wingmen who selflessly work to help you close the deal. Good job references are there during your hour of need to talk you up and tell great stories that give you an added allure in the company. So, if you want to use your references to the fullest, you need to follow this game plan. (more…)

Food for Thought: Keeping your references in the loop!

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References are a key element to a job seeker’s success, so why not show them your true appreciation?

Finally, after all the resumes, rigorous interviews with increasingly senior members of the company, and time-consuming aptitude tests, you’ve finally landed a job that excites you! The trials are over and now it’s time to transition into your new job. Before you prepare for a self-congratulatory dinner or drink, remember to thank those who’ve helped you along the way: your references. (more…)

5 Tips for Securing Strong References

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Strong references complement an excellent résumé. A well-written letter of reference can shed an effective light on key skills that set you apart from other candidates. In a job market as tight as this one, it is imperative that you spend some time getting your strategy for utilizing references into tip-top shape before you send out your next batch of résumés. Here are five tips for getting the most out of your references: (more…)

Job Search Tip: References

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Here are a few quick tips in gathering a glowing reference list to set you apart from your competition.

1. Make sure you tell your references you’re using them as a reference! No one likes to be caught off guard, and you want your references to appear professional and ready to represent you, rather than flustered and confused. (more…)