Military Service Member Spotlight

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Ashley Ellis joined together with our sister recruiting branches to honor those who have and are currently serving our country with a Military Service Member Spotlight including our very own friends and family, this Fourth of July holiday. From all of us, Happy Independence Day & thank you for your service!

US Navy

Joseph Anthony Beleski, 1965-1971

Father of Brad Beleski, Recruiter at Omni One

James Lockhart, 1965-1969

Grandfather of Jake Biedel, Recruiter at Omni One

EJ Maravolo

Submitted by Shannon Famosi, Branch Manager at Ashley Ellis
EJ served as Aviation Ordnance man 2nd Class Petty Officer for the U.S. Navy

Phil Maravolo

Submitted by Shannon Famosi, Branch Manager at Ashley Ellis

David Davies, 1968-1970

Submitted by Matthew Fields, Recruiter at General Employment
Electricians Mate 3rd Class in Vietnam War

US Army

John Pritchard

Submitted by Shannon Famosi, Branch Manager at Ashley Ellis
From Shannon: John Pritchard proudly retired from the U.S. Army after 28 years, followed by 15 years civil service for the Air Force. He was a CW3 (Chief Warrant Officer, 3rd Class) in the Army, and served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

John Cordell, 1966-1972

Grandfather of Breanna Battisti, Marketing Coordinator at Omni One

Matthew Cosler, 2004-Present

Submitted by Shannon Famosi, Branch Manager at Ashley Ellis
From Shannon: Matthew is currently a Major, U.S. Army Engineers, with the 18th Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, NC. He has proudly served for 14 years thus far, and completed tours in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom as a Combat Engineer.

Jack Biedel, 1942-1946

Grandfather of Jake Biedel, Recruiter at Omni One

Dominic Carbonero, 2006-2009

Submitted by Matthew Fields, Recruiter at General Employment
From Matthew: Army Scout in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2007-2009 Mosul, Iraq

Zak Vargo, 2008-2012

Submitted by Breanna Battisti, Marketing Coordinator at Omni One
From Breanna: US Army 2008-2012, US National Guard 2012-2016, Iraq October 2009-2010

US National Guard

Jeremy Reeb, 2011-2017

Cousin of Kara Bowe, Marketing Coordinator at General Employment
From Kara: Jeremy is my cousin but he is more like a brother to me. He has always been a strong willed person with a level head on his shoulder. When he joined the military my whole family was so extremely proud of him. Then he decided to become a police officer and we were all terrified for him. He has become a decorated police office and has had so many promotions. He is now kicking butt as a Narcotics detective. I truly look up to Jeremy for all his bravery and honor. He fights day in and day out to do the best he can at work and then comes home to be an amazing father to his three kids and a wonderful boyfriend to his even more wonderful girlfriend. I could write for days about how proud I am of my brother but I will just end with a huge THANK YOU!

US Marine Corps

Ernest Wright

Submitted by Stephanie Winterstine, Account Executive at Ashley Ellis

Matt Trout, 2002-2007

Submitted by Shannon Famosi, Branch Manager at Ashley Ellis
From Shannon: Matt proudly served as a Marine from 2002-2007 and was an E4 Corporal. Stationed at MCAS Cherry Point in VMA-223, he worked in avionics on the AV8B Harrier. While in Iraq, he was stationed at the Al Assad Air Base. Oorah!!

Tony Borer, 1986-1988

Submitted by Matthew Fields, General Employment
From Matthew: Combat Engineer stationed in Okinawa, Korea, Hawaii, Guam & Phillipines

K.Thomas Oien, 1959-1963

Submitted from Matthew Fields, Recruiter at General Employment
From Matthew: Vietnam War

Jeff Battisti 1988-1992

Father-in-Law of Breanna Battisti, Marketing Coordinator at Omni One

US Air Force

John Winterstine

Submitted by Stephanie Winterstine, Account Executive at Ashley Ellis

3 key ways leaders are different from managers

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An article we wanted to share: 

3 key ways leaders are different from managers

Bob Chapman, chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller and author of Everybody Matters, says that if we’re going create positive change in this world, we need to move from me-centric management to we-centric leadership.

According to Chapman, seven out of eight people are disengaged in their jobs, and spillover into personal lives leads to unhappy and high-stress people, marriages and families.

At the recent Gazelles International ScaleUp Summit in San Antonio, he spoke to a room full of CEOs and coaches and reminded them of the Mayo Clinic report that states “a supervisor is more important to a worker’s health than their primary care physician.”

When we stop just managing and start leading, we give people the chance to go home each night and have a more meaningful life.

1. Management measures by money, power and position; leadership measures by engagement and growth

Chapman explains that leaders must add value for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. A people-centric culture converts managers into leaders who cultivate meaning and purpose in their teams. Great leaders understand “the great joy and grave responsibility” they have to find and develop value in each employee.

2. Managers talk, whereas leaders listen

One of the key changes Chapman implemented at Barry-Wehmiller was communication training in their leadership development. His employees have described this training as life-changing, not because they learned more about how to talk, but rather they learned how to listen.

When we listen, we validate the other person’s worth. Good leaders are good listeners.

3. Management is “the manipulation of others for your success,” but leadership “is the stewardship of the people’s lives who are entrusted to you every day”

Chapman encourages leaders to create an environment where people can discover, develop, share and be recognized for their gifts. Celebrate the goodness in people so they can go home each night knowing they matter.

Chapman notes that humans have a powerful need to feel like we matter, and that we have purpose and value in our lives. Ultimately, he says, it boils down to a single premise. As humans, we all want to prove to our mothers that we turned out ok.

Nancy Eberhardt is an Executive Gazelles-certified coach and strategic communications consultant. She is author of “Uncommon Candor: A Leader’s Guide to Straight Talk” and taught business communications for the Jack Welch Management Institute’s Executive MBA program. A former regional bank president, Eberhardt led several successful mergers and $1 billion in customer relationships.

Article link: “3 key ways leaders are different from managers” from the Boston Business Journal 

Be Happy in Work and in Life

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What makes people happy? Do you want to be a happier person? What can you do to be happier? While happiness can depend on day-to-day events, there are steps to take to be happier in daily life. True happiness takes work and it is not a simple thing.

We must all work towards happiness and we must all have mental clarity in order to be happy. According to an article by Entrepreneur Magazine online, “When we think of happiness, we typically think of things that bring us immediate pleasure…but recent studies have shown that true happiness, or life satisfaction, works a bit differently” and this statement seems to be spot on. Pleasures such as a decadent meal, a favorite book or a day spent at the beach only bring temporary pleasure, and people generally seek overall pleasure and happiness in life. So, what then do we need to do to be satisfied in life? What do we need to do to be generally happy most of the time? Let’s find out what the 11 habits are of truly happy people according to Entrepreneur Magazine online:

  1. Create your own happiness and don’t wait for it – make an effort to be happy
  2. Surround yourself with the right people – happiness is contagious
  3. Sleep – make sure you get enough sleep so your brain recharges
  4. Live in the moment – embrace the reality of the moment and accept your past and move on
  5. Learn to love yourself – appreciate your own good qualities and pat yourself on the back
  6. Appreciate what you have – be grateful and stay in a good mood
  7. Exercise – make sure you move your body and make regular exercise a priority
  8. Forgive – don’t dwell on issues and learn to forgive others in order to make yourself happy
  9. Get in touch with your feelings – open up about your feelings and be expressive
  10. Concentrate on what you can control – put your best effort into making the best of things
  11. Have a growth mindset – embrace challenges and focus on growing


Stay Smart: Boost Your Brain and Keep Up Your Intelligence

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Do you want to get smarter? Do you feel like sharpening up your intelligence to feel your brain working each day? You are in luck. A recent article explores this idea of sharpening your intelligence daily. The article, “7 Daily Habits to Sharpen Your Intelligence”, gives you tips to work your brain daily and feel smarter every day. While the article shares 7 habits, we want to focus on the habits that we find to be the most important to us. But, feel free to click the link to the article to see all of the habits.

  1. Consider scenarios and use your brain to think of all of the outcomes that your ideas could have in your work life. Visualizing ideas can be truly beneficial. Think things through. This helps us all be less stressed and less overwhelmed. It is helpful to consider the impact of our decisions and to think about the future.
  2. Exercise daily…get moving! This is mentioned in multiple articles on how to boost energy and productivity and maintain your happiness. Exercising your body helps your brain. Sweating it out can help you feel less overwhelmed. Walking or working up a sweat doing cardio exercises can help clear your head. It also helps reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s.
  3. Practice a hobby. Having a hobby can help you feel focused and this can sharpen your intelligence. Book club is a great hobby to have and it also boosts your vocabulary at the same time. Playing a musical instrument is a good activity to boost your brain activity, so practice your instrument or jam out with some friends when your brain needs some recharging.

Ways to a Balanced Life

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What is the key to a happy and balanced life? How can you solve all of your problems and be happy and relaxed all of the time? Well, these are questions that do not have answers…well not definitive answers. But there are some ideas on how to achieve a happy and balanced life. There are ways to organize your life in order to obtain your ideal balance.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses. But we all seem to be striving for our own unique version of balance.

What secrets are there to help us all achieve balance? A Quora article “unlocked” the secrets to balance. Let’s see what the hidden secrets are to finding balance and happiness in life…

  •  Prioritize your health…this should be step one to reaching your balance and being happier in your life. You need to focus on your health routine. This routine needs to be something that gives you energy and boosts your spirit on a daily basis. Discover a new exercise class or try to run outdoors more often. Track your food more regularly and focus on buying healthy foods on your weekly grocery runs. Make sure to get a decent amount of sleep. You deserve it. Treating your body well is step one to being the best version of yourself and the happiest that you can be in life. Drink water…it matters!
  • Take time to disconnect…this can be by actually disconnecting from your smartphones and computers when you do not need to using these devices. Spend more quality time talking to others when you are in a room socializing with friends or family. Schedule time to unplug. Complete all tasks that involve your devices  during regular work hours and take some time each week to unplug at home and just breathe and feel the energy around you and your family.
  •  Allow yourself some creativity…make time for the things you love. Express yourself. Take an art class or learn a new instrument. If you don’t have time for something complex, discover a new book or musical artist and take an interest in something new.
  •  Meditate…it matters. Make sure you learn meditation techniques so that you can decompress and meditate after a long day or a long week. Schedule time and plan out your times to meditate. Make sure you make the effort to meditate and reflect on your busy life. Applaud your successes and reflect on theses successes while taking time to process the world around you everyday.

Phone Interview Tips So You Can Make The In-person Next

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Want to really rock your phone interview? Even if you aren’t sure whether or not you would be good in your phone interview, phone interviews are often times unavoidable. So, let us look at what you can to make sure you are comfortable in your phone interview. Being comfortable in your phone interview can help you ace the interview and move on to the in-person interview

What can you do to do have a successful phone interview?

You can…

Make sure you have a good location to have a call. It needs to be a quiet area where you can focus. The area that you do your call in needs to be somewhere you can pay full attention to the call

You can…

Conduct research. Know your facts. Make sure you know do extensive research on the company and role. Knowing more than you need to can only benefit you in the long run

You can…

Make notes. Write down some things you want to be sure to mention on your call. These notes can be about you and your resume but they can also be about the position you are interviewing for or just notes about the company

You can…

Rehearse, but only a little bit. You don’t want to sound like you are reciting a scripted answer

You can…

Have your resources in front of you so you can use them during the call

Keep your resume and cover letter out on the desk or table you are sitting at for the phone interview

You can…

Ask your interviewer if they have any specific questions about you

You can…

Send a follow-up/thank you email

Productivity Tips…From a Billionaire

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Ever wonder how some of the world’s billionaires maintain productivity? What do they to do to be the best they can be everyday? How have the billionaires of the world been so productive and managed their time so well? I think we can all learn from these billionaires. They know first hand what it takes to be the best you can be to make the company you work for the best it can be. 

In a new article  we get some great tips from a pretty cool billionaire…he did start a beer company and become a billionaire making beer. We are talking about Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams. Let’s see what his top productivity tips are and what he does to stay productive and on top of his work.

These are our favorites of his tips:

  • Live your business from the moment you wake up.

Koch said in the article that he’s remained driven by not losing touch with his product…ever; despite how big his company has become, he tastes his product every day. Koch said he starts his day with a beer sampling each morning to ensure quality consistency.

Know your product, your company’s product, what you are selling…know what your work is about. This is key to success in maintaining productivity.

  • Pick three things that must get done each day, and put them on a Post-it note.

He stays on top of things to be organized. Every morning before leaving his house, he checks his calendar and email, and then writes three things onto a Post-it note that he must accomplish that day. You need to know what you have to do in order to do it, so make lists. It really does help. You can ensure your organization is on top of its goals if you are on top of yours; this ensures you are contributing to the success as a whole and staying up to date.


How to Communicate Well at Work

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Now more than ever employers are looking for people who can blend into the office environment, who can get along with others, and who can communicate well and get things done. Are you a good employee? Would you be a good addition to a new team? Are you looking for a job but just can’t seem to be a fit anywhere? Have you ever wondered whether or not you might not have the right communication skills to be a positive addition to a team? The good news is that many journalists and researchers alike have investigated what it takes to be a good team player and what it means to communicate well at work. Here are some tips from U.S. News & World Report on how to communicate well at work, with insights from author of Great on the Job Jodi Glickman.

  1. Ask for help, ask questions when you don’t know how to do something
  2. Say good morning and mean it; engage with your coworkers
  3. Say goodbye — same as good morning. Mean it. Connect with your coworkers
  4. Request feedback; ask for people to tell you what you’re doing well and what your aren’t
  5. Keep the door open; be open to ideas and conversations with other members of your team at work

You might think you are already doing these things, but really evaluate your day-to-day at work and see if you and your coworkers are communicating effectively. Are you saying hello and meaning it? Are you allowing your team members to reach out to you with feedback? Are you asking for help when you need it? You might think you are doing these things, but make an effort to do them more often and to incorporate the tips above into your daily routine at work if you aren’t already making these things a habit.

10 Resume Buzzwords that Employers Can’t Stand

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Resume Buzzwords

Everything in your resume has a purpose. From the details of your achievements down to the design and individual words you choose, it all matters.

Words that fail to serve your purpose and entice employers to interview you need to be plucked up by the root and replaced. And these 15 boring resume buzzwords and phrases are ripe for removal. (more…)

ePortfolios & Demos Show Employers What They Want

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Employers probably aren’t aware of what truly makes you a great employee. Even if your resume and interview paint a vivid picture of your exceptional skills, you’re still explaining the Aurora Borealis to someone who’s never seen its iridescent lights. Words can win, but firsthand experience with your skills is far more convincing.

Since you can’t arrange for employers to shadow you (without an overt admission to your boss you’re job hunting), you have to find other ways to “show instead of tell.” That’s why you should consider including a demo project or ePortfolio with every application you send. (more…)