IT Salary Statistics:How Do You Stack Up?

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It salary

We should always keep in mind that our careers aren’t all about the salary we receive, but at the end of the day (or every two weeks) we are still doing a job and getting paid for it. While it is certainly considered rude to approach your friends or co-workers to inquire about their salary most of us also want to know how we stack up against everyone else – especially the people that work in the same industry that we do.

As the year begins to wind down and bonuses and raises are being discussed at companies all over, check out the following salary statistics to see how your pay compares to the national average. (more…)

Handling Salary Discussions: How to Land Just Right!

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Evel Knievel

During a job interview, a tactful salary discussion is not always an easy stunt to pull off. It’s a hair-trigger situation which, if broached too early, can send your chances of landing that coveted position careening off into an agonizing gulch of defeat. You need to think of yourself as Evel Knievel – 1970s icon and daredevil extraordinaire – to get things just right. (more…)

Should You Take A Lower Paying Job?

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When faced with unemployment or a less than satisfactory job, many professionals are pained with the question of whether to take a lower paying position. It’s a tough decision to make, and one which depends on many factors for each unique situation. However, no matter what the scenario, there are a few constants you should keep in mind: Here are a few things to consider if you have to answer that question yourself. (more…)

Are You Paid What You’re Worth?

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2011 IT Salary Analysis

Economically speaking, the IT industry did not plummet anywhere near as much as other industries. And now, the IT industry and IT employment is not only picking up, it’s shifting towards a whole new dynamic. The question is, are IT salaries headed in the same positive direction? (more…)

Daily Job Seeker Tip: Juggling Multiple Offers

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It’s no secret that the job market’s picking up and more companies are starting to hire again after months of hiring freezes. You may have spent months job searching with no luck, but all of a sudden, it’s not uncommon to have landed yourself competitive offers from a number of different companies. So which one should you take? (more…)

Daily Job Seeker Tips: Weekly Round Up

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Here’s a round up of the week’s worth of job seeker tips, plus one extra about resume objectives.

Spicy Objectives

The objective on a resume is like that bowl of chips and salsa at a restaurant. You eat it up without even paying attention before moving onto the main course. Make your objective stand out by spicing it up! (more…)

Daily Job Seeker Tip: Salary Expectations

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It’s tempting to hike up that salary number in an interview with the goal of creating negotiation wiggle room. However, in 99% of all cases, this is a big mistake. Instead of landing your dream job with a big check, all you’ll succeeding in doing is coming across as money motivated. (more…)