Industry News: Increased Industry Means Harder Hiring

According to TechServe Alliance, IT jobs have increased by 2% from a year ago, despite a slower overall private sector with only a 0.3% job growth since this time last year.

TechServe Alliance also reports that since January 2010, nearly 74,000 jobs have been added to the IT industry. CEO Mark Roberts remains upbeat about the future of the IT industry over the coming months.

Of course, as jobs are added and the industry improves, the candidate pool is getting smaller. A recent Dice news report notes this potential challenge to hiring and explains that many employers are establishing additional incentives to attract highly qualified applicants. Many of these incentives include sign-on bonuses and flexible work options, as well as higher salaries.

Finally, additional hiring difficulties for employers may arise as a result of the recent lost lawsuit against a legal memo that stops IT staffing firms hiring H-1B workers. The USCIS memo from earlier this year stated that since H-1B workers were not the actual employees of staffing firms, but rather of their clients, they could not use this visa. TechServe Alliance was part of the group that filed a lawsuit against the memo, but, as Computerworld reports, the case was recently dismissed. While Ashley Ellis LLC is it not affected by this ruling, it is clear that many employers must be made aware and may be affected by this change.

Clare Webster – Marketing Director at Ashley Ellis