IT Staffing Case Study

An In-Depth Look at How Tukaiz, LLC Partners with Ashley Ellis for Their IT Staffing Needs

Tukaiz, LLC is no stranger to growth. Over the last 50 years, this digital marketing, imaging, and print company has taken calculated risks that have allowed them to achieve and exceed their objectives.

As a digital printing pioneer and a world-class innovator of interactive web services, much of their growth comes in large spurts. When it does, Tukaiz quickly needs new personnel to ensure that new and existing clients never experience any lag in their solutions.

One growth spurt in particular required a new batch of Business Analysts and compelled Tukaiz to reach out to their longtime staffing partners at Ashley Ellis.

The Challenge Facing Tukaiz

Historically, the greatest obstacle facing Tukaiz isn’t attracting candidates (each position attracts dozens of technically adept professionals), but identifying people with personalities that mesh with the corporate culture.

Miki Ishikawa, Director of Interactive Development at Tukaiz, recalls what the process was like before working with Ashley Ellis: “I’m not shy in saying that all of our hires are difficult. We are extremely selective with whom we bring on board. Our employees not only have to perform on a technical level, but they have to fit with our culture.”

To avoid what Miki calls a “painful and inefficient process,” the Ashley Ellis team has refined their search parameters to identify exceptional talent that synchronizes with the Tukaiz culture.

Our Approach

When Miki needed that new batch of Business Analysts, Jeff Gullett of Ashley Ellis Naperville was the first person he contacted. Per the usual routine, Jeff received an official description from Miki before the two discussed the unique requirements of each position.

“Typically, I have a good sense of what they want,” says Jeff, “The ideal candidate for Tukaiz is sharp, ambitious, and able to learn. They should be the type of people who, no matter how senior, are open to new ways of thinking. Basically, they should be someone inquisitive who is ready to bring his or her existing skill sets to the table.”

After a quick briefing, Jeff began his search for a Business Analyst who fit those traits to a tee. He sifted through candidates in Ashley Ellis’ proprietary database of over 51,000 local candidates, ran targeted searches on LinkedIn, canvased his network of contacts for referrals, and followed any lead that could isolate that perfect candidate.

Our Process

The most promising candidates in his search, those who fit Jeff’s preliminary criteria, then went through a screening process tailored to the needs of Tukaiz.

“Miki conducts a strenuous review of the candidates’ resume and skills. When a specific candidate falls short, Miki gives great feedback as to why. He’ll say ‘we’re going to pass because he’s a touch too junior’ or ‘we’ve just started deploying new software and she doesn’t have the know-how we need.’ It usually only requires me to make a few minor tweaks,” says Jeff.

Once the list was shortened, Jeff prepared the candidates to get together any code samples, GIT HUB repositories, and other materials for Miki’s further review.

Every candidate for this Business Analyst position was held up to the same level of scrutiny. In short order, Jeff found an ideal candidate and scheduled an interview with Miki that fit both of their hectic schedules.

“Miki loved my candidate’s tenacity,” says Jeff, “He was impressed by the candidate’s ability to ask questions and phrase them in such a way to get to the heart of the matter. As a Business Analyst, you have to ask a thousand questions. If you don’t know how to dig and uncover things, the developers don’t have enough details to meet user requirements and functionality.”
The candidate made it through two interviews and was offered a job three days after the final assessment, which he promptly accepted.

The Results

This Business Analyst, like the other employees Ashley Ellis has placed at Tukaiz, has done more than just fit in with the company climate; he’s thrived there.

Miki says, “The candidates that Ashley Ellis has brought to our company have always lived up to the expectations that we set when they were presented. These individuals not only strive to deliver the best work on a daily basis, but are always looking to make ours a better company.”

It’s not unheard of for employees who were brought to Tukaiz by Ashley Ellis to move into leadership roles. “In most cases,” Miki says, “these employees are among the longest tenured members of our team.”

All of this success stems from the cohesive way Ashley Ellis and Tukaiz work together, ensuring that only candidates with a high technical acumen, great mentality, and strong cultural fit make the final cut. It’s this comprehensive approach that will keep Tukaiz coming to Ashley Ellis to expedite future hiring.