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A little about me…

Hi, I’m Niki. I work hard to provide an unparalleled level of excellence to IT professionals and organizations. I will find exceptional professionals who not only have the technical expertise, but also the personalities that will lead to long-term success. You can rely on me to guide you through every step of your journey, from interview preparation to the next steps. With a unique combination of integrity, support, and hard work, I will always give 110%.

Here at Ashley Ellis, I enjoy working with an amazing team where fun and laughter is an everyday occurrence. Each day is also a learning experience and I love getting to know my clients and candidates at a level that is more like a friendship than anything else. In my spare time, I teach my Siberian Husky stupid pet tricks and enjoy traveling whenever possible.

Send us your resume or start your hiring search today! To speak with me directly, send me an email at or call me 630-369-6400.

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  1. Eric Pierce says:

    We were skeptical about using a search firm to fill our position. Why spend extra money to find someone when so many other “do it yourself” options exist? Niki Atherton is the value add.

    Niki contacted me about the position and tailored her search around our specific qualifications. Her pointed questions allowed her to really capture the essence of our needs for a qualified candidate. When she found the perfect candidate, she contacted me immediately to set up an interview. He was our only interview from Ashley Ellis because we hired him almost immediately. Niki nailed it!

    Throughout it all, Niki was pleasant, professional and extremely conscientious. Niki did a great job for us!

  2. Dan Green says:

    Niki was a great pleasure to do business with. She delivered great candidates for our open position. I recommend her and will look to her in the future if our needs require it.

  3. Andrew Stapleton says:

    Niki did a wonderful job of helping me find the next step in my career, going from an IT Business Analyst to a Sales Engineer. Niki listened to what I was looking for in both position and company and delivered very targeted results which she helped me to pursue. In only a few short weeks I was able to find the perfect fit and nail the interview, again with Niki’s help.

    Niki is a hard worker, and stands out from others in her field by how responsive she is. I was able to get updates on the interview/hiring process as they happened, and always felt comfortable in the next step. I would recommend Niki and Ashley Ellis above any other organization from the great experience I had with them.

  4. Reggie Madrigal says:

    In my job search in this difficult market, I have spoken to many recruiters. There are only a few that stand out and Niki Atherton is one of them. I believe she has great value as a recruiter. Although she was not able to land me that opportunity, she was there to help guide me on my journey. From the preparation for interview, to the follow through of the next steps, she and the Ashley Ellis team not only will try to match the perfect opportunity for each candidate, but will also assist you in preparation in getting that opportunity.

  5. Dan O'Brien says:

    We had very special requirements for our open position that made our search difficult. Enter Niki Atherton. She scoured candidates for our exact specifications and then brought us a list of highly competent people who were well qualified for the position and our culture. Niki’s responsive and enthusiastic follow through contributed to our ability to conduct our search within a strict time frame. We are now enjoying results from our new employee thanks to Niki’s hard work. We will use her again as we grow.

  6. Paul Molenda says:

    Niki was an excellent asset to my job search. She was great in that she assisted in preparation to land the position but also helped find the right position. I will recommend her to my colleagues.

  7. David Trinder says:

    Niki has filled two positions for us. We were extremely fussy about one of them and I would not have been surprised if she had given up on us. But, she just kept the candidates coming, most of them excellent, until we found exactly the person we were looking for. How she found the candidates I do not know but I can assure you that I will always look to Niki in the future for my hiring needs and I will unconditionally recommend her to all my business associates.

  8. Amphone Baccam says:

    When I first started looking for a project management position, a friend of mine referred me to Niki. Niki is a personable, warm and positive person. Always a consummate professional whose genuineness and integrity cannot easily be found in today’s ruthless job market, she assessed my skills and experience and quickly identified a company that would be a great match. Her business acumen and listening skills were able to identify the key traits that the company and I both looked for in our searches. I was quickly hired for a highly coveted project management position at the firm and it has been a great fit.

  9. Justin Friel says:

    It’s refreshing to find someone as genuine as Niki. She stuck with me during a bad market and helped me find an awesome new position. Niki checked in with me regularly, I never felt like I slipped through the cracks. Head and shoulders above other recruiters, she was a pleasure to work with.

  10. Caleb Cox says:

    Niki was by far the most thorough, friendly, and pleasantly persistent recruiter I’ve ever worked with in 13 years of IT. She helped me find the absolute perfect position in a new city across the country, and I couldn’t be happier! She will go the extra mile to find the perfect new job or employee for you, I can’t recommend her enough.

  11. Tim Onyschak says:

    Niki was great to work with from beginning to end. She made sure to listen to what i was looking for in a new job then find a position that fit perfectly. During the whole process she was very good at keeping me in the loop with next steps. It helped make the whole process fast and easy! I definitely recommend anybody in the IT field looking for a new job to talk to Niki!

  12. Matt Abhay says:

    Niki is amazing to work with! Niki is miles ahead of any other recruiter I have worked with. When I would correspond with her, I was corresponding with a friend. She listened well and profiled me perfectly. She always found opportunities that kept me excited!

    If you are working with another recruiter, I suggest you call Niki and give her a chance. I can guarantee that she will keep you on your toes and motivated to find your dream career.

    Her customer service skills go beyond any performance metric I could ever fabricate.

  13. JamesZhu says:

    Niki is the most professional recruiter I’ve ever worked with in my entire IT career. In two weeks, she helped me settle down a job offer, which perfectly fitted my technical background. My dream came true.

    Niki is an excellent negotiator, who could find a win-win solution quickly with her amazing communication skills.

    Niki also is, honestly, a highly trusted friend, who could keep you in the loop during the entire frustrating process, which you don’t want to go through again.

    Nikis is a highly recommended business partner if you are seeking a opportunity to move forward. Start talking to Niki. She will go the extra miles and make the extra phone calls to get the job well done.

  14. David Trinder says:

    Niki is the most pleasant but persistant recruiter I know. If you need someone in the IT field, Niki is the only person you will ever need to speak to. She will find you the perfect candidate no matter what it takes. I really cannot express how much I appreciate her pleasant attitude, incredible tenacity and excellent knowlege. There simply is no point in ever using anyone else.

  15. Ishrath Ahmed says:

    Niki is simply excellent. Her help and guidance along the process to help me find a new job was extremely comfortable and pleasant. She helped me find and choose the right position in just two weeks. Thanks Niki! I would certainly recommend her to anyone in their job search.

  16. BenLoev says:

    Niki is a very professional recruiter. She helped me to go through the recruiting process from the beginning to the end. She is the excellent adviser and simply a carrying person who wants to make sure that her clients succeed in their carrier path.
    I’m very grateful to her for all her support and understanding and for helping me to achieve my goal – find a dream job.
    I highly recommend her to everybody who is looking for a job in the IT area.

  17. Yan Dong says:

    Niki is amazing!

    The position Niki found for me was a perfect fit and incredibly quick. Nike took the time to prepare me for the interview and encourage me through each step of the interview process. Her people skills are supreme. Her guidance, dedication, professionalism, and great sense of humor made all the difference.

    I was extremely lucky to have Niki on my side in the job search and really enjoyed working with her. I would highly recommend Niki to anyone interested in a new position!

  18. Joel Weirauch says:

    I’ve never used a recruiter before and I wasn’t really sure what to expect when Niki contacted me about a potential job. I am nothing short of amazed by the experience. Niki was always on top of things, making sure that I was up to date on the status at all times. It was literally like having a close friend on the inside helping me to get the job.

    From preparation and tips to the almost constant contact and updates, this was an excellent experience and I am extremely happy to have had the opportunity to work with Niki.

  19. Tim Norris says:

    I have always been leery about using a recruiter for my job search, but I am very happy I did. Niki was absolutely great in understanding what I was looking for, helping me get potential interviews, and most importantly helping me prepare for those interviews.

    I now have a great job and a role that matches my skills and my interests perfectly with a company that I may never have heard of without her help. I would recommend Ashley Ellis and more specifically Niki to anyone seeking employment. She was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and just a joy to work with; I consider myself lucky to have been able to work with her.

  20. Derrick McCurdy says:

    I had never had a positive experience with a recruiter before Niki Atherton. Niki placed me in a position that met ALL of my employment needs and wants from salary to location to work environment. Believe me when I tell you that, as a job seeker, you DEFINITELY want to work with Niki Atherton.

  21. Ray Pellicore says:

    I graduated college in May, and I couldn’t find a job for 6 months before I got into contact with Niki Atherton. Within the first week of talking to Niki she helped me secure interviews with two different companies. One of which led me to a (dream) job offer months later thanks to Niki’s unwavering perseverance and dedication. In every situation, whether it was phone interviews, face-to-face interviews, or writing follow-up e-mails, Niki’s guidance was dependable and true.

    I had worked with a couple other recruiters in the past, but Niki immediately stood out as someone who genuinely cared. As a result, it has made the job market a much less scary place to be, and it has provided me with opportunities I thought I would never find. Niki has ultimately led my career to a brighter future at a company that matches my skills and interests flawlessly, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I enthusiastically recommend Niki Atherton and Ashley Ellis for all your job seeking needs!

  22. Burt Floraday says:

    I can’t recall how it was that Niki first contacted me. Our initial conversation was rather long as I recall but I also remember thinking at the time: “She’s gathering a lot more information than anyone else ever has,” I was impressed with that and she seemed to care genuinely about my career interests.

    I think Niki must have called or sent me email messages (personal ones not in a blast) 10 or 15 times over roughly 24 months or so. Nothing was quite right (location or fit usually), sometimes I was not interested in a change. She kept calling though — but selectively. She always had something valuable to share or discuss.

    Her professionalism and staying in touch with me did eventually result in a change in my career — when I least expected it. Throughout the process that followed she was very closely involved; wanting to know status, my thoughts, reactions and many other small things that made a big difference.

    Oh yes, and all those notes from our first conversation? She had them right at hand and was on top of everything. It all made sense to me when I saw it play out. Very, very impressive.

    So if you think you might want to talk with someone who can help you with your next career move or even help you get started, I would recommend that you talk with Niki Atherton. I don’t think you can do any better.

  23. Jong Kim says:

    Working with Niki was like working with a friend, and not a recruiter. She is now the first person I recommend when a colleague is searching for work.

  24. Anushree Shetty says:

    Niki has been one of the best recruiters that I have worked with. What I liked most about her is she understood my needs and made sure that I was the right fit for the job and the job was right fit for me. She always kept me in the loop throughout the interview process and thus ensuring there were no anxious moments.
    Overall working with her was an excellent experience and I am extremely happy to have had the opportunity to work with her.

  25. Keval Shah says:

    Niki Atherton invested a good amount of time into knowing what kind of job I was exactly looking for. Within a couple of days she got me a phone interview. Although it didn’t turn out to be a success, within very few days she got me another phone interview with a great company. She always kept me busy with with how to go about preparing for the interview, and assisted me in gathering handy information about the company and other such useful tips. She made the frustrating job hunting process exciting. She was quick to respond to any communications. It was more than just a professional relationship.

    Finally with all her experience and helpful tips, she got me the job. I would definitely recommend Ashley Ellis to someone looking for an opportunity.

  26. Swapna Sasidharan says:

    Niki is the one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with. She is the go-to person when you are looking to move up in your career. She carefully reviews your background and helps you meet the best employers out there who have positions that matches your skill sets and career goals. She goes on to help you in every step of the process and always keeps in touch with you to answer any of your questions. Niki is very prompt and even goes out of her way to do things outside her expertise. She has this amazing ability to calm you through all the anxieties that comes along with the job hunting process. She exhibits great efficiency and is very enthusiastic. I will recommend Niki Atherton to anyone who is out in the market looking for a job or needs a career change.

  27. Josh Bair says:

    “Niki does great recruitment work. Each time I have worked with her, I was impressed by how well she managed the recruiting process. She is very personable and cares about connecting the right clients with the right applicants.”