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Every year, NOV 1st arrives, Halloween decorations are put away and all of the Winter Holiday decorations are swiftly displayed.  The countdown for the big Holiday Season officially begins (and seems to come faster with each passing year, right!?)!

Far too often in my profession, this time of year is when I start to hear a common hiring misconception that goes something like this: “with the holidays upon us, hiring is on hold until the beginning of next year.” (more…)

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New Jobs Skyrocket in September Mon, 06 Oct 2014 16:38:24 +0000 Ashley Ellis Admin Ashley Ellis Jobs Report

It’s amazing all the change that can happen in a month’s time. In the September jobs report, new payroll jobs were way up, unemployment was down, and several major industries experienced unfettered growth.

The difference between August and September is like night and day. Let’s delve into the specifics. (more…)

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Will a Temporary Slump in New Jobs Affect the Economy? Fri, 05 Sep 2014 17:37:05 +0000 Ashley Ellis Admin August Jobs Report

The job market is all about the big picture. Despite the temporary downturn of the August jobs report, many industries are resilient enough to still experience growth. The economy is still on a positive track and we only just got out of a six month streak of jobs reports over 200,000 jobs. So, let’s look at where we are and where we’ll go in the coming months. (more…)

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Over 200k Jobs Added to Economy in July Fri, 01 Aug 2014 17:45:16 +0000 Ashley Ellis Admin July Jobs Report

The July jobs report has been released, ushering in the sixth straight month where over 200,000 payroll jobs were added to the American economy. It’s a consecutive streak that hasn’t been achieved since 1997. Though not quite for the record books, the Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows steady recovery in employment and labor force participation, a boon that can drive the market forward in the coming months. (more…)

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June Jobs Report Goes Off With a Bang Thu, 03 Jul 2014 16:28:52 +0000 Ashley Ellis Admin June Jobs Report

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the June jobs report a day early and signs are good news. Employment blew beyond predictions, unemployment dwindled further, and revisions from previous months all went up. Here’s how our economy is seeing fireworks and what we can expect on the horizon. (more…)

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Job Numbers Finally Reach Pre-Recession Levels Fri, 06 Jun 2014 17:50:23 +0000 Ashley Ellis Admin May Jobs Report

It’s a promising day for the May jobs report. More jobs were added than economists predicted, unemployment and labor participation levels remained steadily low, and the U.S. economy finally recovered all of the jobs lost during the recession.

From what the Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting, the economic future bodes well. Even the morning’s stock market trading started off with a bang. Where can we expect to go from here? (more…)

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Tech Sector Resurges in Raleigh Metro Area Fri, 09 May 2014 17:37:47 +0000 Ashley Ellis Admin Raleigh Tech Sector

Raleigh’s metro area has been on a steady path of economic recovery. Employment numbers are rebounding and confidence about finding jobs is becoming more robust. Add the rejuvenating effects being brought on by certain software and biotech companies in the region and there are some promising prospects in Raleigh’s future. (more…)

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March Jobs Report Shows Positive Growth for IT Fri, 04 Apr 2014 17:01:51 +0000 Ashley Ellis Admin IT March Jobs Report

The March jobs report has just been released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the numbers appear positive. From the previous month’s original number, non-farm employment has continued to edge upwards, but will the outlook remain sunny?

Baby Steps for Employment

The number of payroll employees added across sectors in March was 192,000, a bit below the 200,000 predicted by of economists surveyed in the Wall Street Journal. At a first glance, this may be disappointing, but a look at the February Job report indicates that the job market is on a positive incline. (more…)

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The January Jobs Report and the Future of IT Employment Fri, 07 Feb 2014 15:25:58 +0000 Ashley Ellis Admin January jobs report 2014 IT employment

The January Jobs Report is out. Although the numbers were not as expected, economists do see a decent amount to look forward to in the coming months. The IT sector did not see a major shift in its numbers, but there is still much to look forward to in 2014.

The Numbers (more…)

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Does U.S. Regulation Hurt Innovation? Fri, 03 Jan 2014 20:36:11 +0000 Ashley Ellis Admin U.S. Regulation Hurt innovation

Whether you’re in the crowd that thinks 2013 was a lost year for tech innovation or a precursor to fantastical tech leaps, there are still interesting prospects for tech trends in 2014 just around the corner. In fact, some even speculate that the watershed moments of 2014 will set the tone for the entire decade. For the U.S. to be part of that forward movement, the prevailing attitude toward innovation may need to be reevaluated. (more…)

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